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Now entering its 16th season, the sponsorship program which raises the majority of the monies used in our community service programs.  The program has developed into a full fledged money making activity involving the sale to the general public. Beginning with purchase of flowers from a Springfield, Il florist the first few years, it has now changed to a co-operative effort with Shelby county resources center, who have taken up the business of growing flowers and plants with the aid of the handicapped of the area.

Orders are taken starting in September and are delivered the week prior to Thanksgiving and week following.  deliveries are made to the homes for a nominal fee and have been delivered to most all communities surrounding Decatur as well as our major company, Von Maur in Bloomington, Indianapolis, Chicago and Decatur.

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Decatur Noon Sertoma is now taking orders for your Christmas Poinsettia gift and decorating needs. The cooperative effort with Shelby County resources Center, who have taken up the business of growing flowers and plants with the aid of the handicapped of the area, and our efforts to sell the flowers to support our sponsorship programs, has become a successful effort on the part of both organizations.

The poinsettias are high quality, multi bloom, foil wrapped, ready for decorating or gift giving.

They will be available a week before Thanksgiving and a week after.

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A.  3-5 bloom plants, foil wrapped and in delivery sleeve, $5.50 each

B.  5-7 bloom, 14-17 inches high, foil wrapped and in delivery sleeve, $15.00

Poinsettia_large_2.jpg (190505 bytes)C.  2 plants pinched to produce very large 8-10 bloom, 15-20 inches high, $25.00

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