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Editor, Paul Rosenberger

Editor: Paul Rosenberger



APRIL 10, 2015


                      KEN FRYE


  Hugh Rowden introduced Ken Frye, recently named director of Decatur’s accredited Scovill Zoo. He began by noting that 50% of all the directors that our zoo ever had were in the room, referring to Mike Borders and himself. He touted the expanded number of exhibits the zoo has, especially the penguin house. They are investigating adding an otter exhibit. Then he related two stories about incidents with zoo animals that he’d experienced. The first was the day an emu figured out how to open the gate into the field where the zoo’s prized pair of cheetahs lived. Ken noticed that as the emu approached the cheetahs they took a few swipes at it, removing some feathers. He called for advice from the director, who recommended he should stand between the emu and the cheetahs. Long story short, a staff member finally came to the rescue and saved the emu and Ken from further encounters. The second incident was the day Ken was taking his favorite pet, an alligator, to show at a school. He put the animal in a sack and loosely knotted the bag, placed it in a box with a lid, placed the box in the passenger seat, and started driving to the school. On busy highway, US 36, he noticed the top of the box moving and the mouth of he alligator peaking at him. When he finally found a place to pull off the highway, the alligator had worked his way out of the box, onto the floor, then up under the dashboard. He was able to extract the animal by pulling it out by the tail. That was his segue into showing us the animal he brought with him today, a four-year old, four-foot-long alligator that he allowed us to touch to feel the skin (not the teeth!). He said the zoo also has some older crocodiles up to 20 feet long. He described the difference between the jaws of crocs and alligators. He also compared the parrenting differences between turtles and alligators – female turtles abandon their nests after laying eggs, while the alligator females constantly tend their nests to maintain the egg temperature, a neccesity that determines the sex of the babies.
     Ken praised the volunteers who run the zoo train and carousal, as well as help at fund-raisers. He told us they have regular visits from U of IL veterinarians and their students. In closing, Ken said that next year the zoo must go through another ‘accreditation’ exam, a tedious but important process that occurs every five years. Accreditation is recognized by other zoos as proving it is well managed and thus allows trading animals with each other. Thanks, Ken, for a good presentation.








April 17 – Regular meeting at 7;00 at Scovill Golf Course
April 28 – STM Committee meeting at 8:00 a.m. at Panera’s
          May 4 – Board meeting at 6:50 a.m. at Perkin’s

APRIL 10 2015

 This morning 19 members came to Scovill Golf Course for breakfast, fellowship, and announcements and to hear Ken Frye talk about the Scovill Zoo. President Chuck Shonkwiler reviewed last Tuesday’s board meeting, noting that Dick Virgin’s fund-raising proposal that he introduced during the previous week’s meeting, suggesting that our club might sponsor a “Curiosity College” patterned off an existing for-profit program, “One-Day-University,” (that holds in-depth open discussions led by paid presenters on current or historic issues) was turned down by the board as not being related to our mission. However, board members thought the idea was good, so several offered to arrange for Dick to meet a few RCC and Millikin staff to ascertain their interest in sponsoring the forum. Alex Prather handed out good news, our fourth-quarter dues.







Sheriff Stu Hawbaker first checked for pins and then asked an interesting trivia question: “Who once declared, “I think I’ll go out and milk the elk?” The first person he asked, Lance Gauble, answered correctly, W.C. Fields. Stu then collected the badges and asked our speaker, Ken Frye, to pull out a winning 50/50 badge. He found absentee Rick McVey’s badge so we’ll start another rollover. (Reminder: you must be present to win.)







VP Norm Jensen had no report, but I noted that the joint-club Service To Mankind Award Committee (Dick Vissering, Larry Fouste, Dick Fiala, Erv Arends, and I) needs to meet again to decide the venue for the presentation to Jack and Joan Kenny.




VP Lance Gauble immediately said he better start with the usual “BRING GUESTS.” Then he presented Dick Virgin his new member Sertoma pin – now he’s got no excuse for not having one when the sheriff checks for pins.


                      FUTURE PROGRAMS



VP Will Sudduth reported next Friday Chuck Shonkwiler has invited our new superintendent of schools for District #61, Lisa Taylor. On April 24 we’ll socialize. May assignments: 1 - Jim May; 8 – Norm Jensen; 15 – Mike Boliek; 22 – Open; 29 –Social.






VP Hugh Rowden had no report.

*************  ENGINEER VS DOCTOR  *************



An engineer could not find a job, so he opens a clinic and puts a sign outside that says 'Get treatment for $50, if not cured get back $100." A doctor thinks this is a good opportunity to show up the engineer and earn a quick $100, so he visits the clinic.
Doctor: I have lost my sense of taste.
Engineer: Nurse, bring the medicine from box number 22 and place three drops in the
patient's mouth.
Patient (doctor): Spits out the medicine and says "This is not medicine, it's gasoline".
Engineer: Congrats… you have your taste back.. that will be $50.
Doctor gets annoyed and returns after several days determined to recover his money.
Doctor: I have lost my memory and can't remember a thing.
Engineer: Nurse, bring the medicine from box number 22 and put three drops In the
patient's mouth.
Doctor: "This medicine is for the sense of taste."
Engineer: Congrats, your memory is back… that'll be $50.
Doctor leaves, but after several days angrily returns for one last try and more determined to recover his money.
Doctor: My eyesight has become weak.
Engineer: Well I don't have any medicine for that. Take this $100.
Doctor: But this is a $50 Note.
Engineer: Congratulations, your eyesight has gotten better… that will be $50.

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