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Editor, Paul Rosenberger

Editor: Paul Rosenberger



JANUARY 2, 2015


                      J. C. FULTZ


 Mike Borders introduced WAND’s Chief Meteorologist, J. C. Fultz, to tell an interesting story about his passion, weather forecasting. Most recently, of course, we knew about his three-degree challenge that can benefit local charities. J. C. told of his interest in his forecasting that began when he was only five years old. In his home in Bethany he would mimic the WAND meteorologists in front of the TV. After high school he attended Lakeland College in Mattoon where he studied Radio/Television and also Earth Sciences before completing those degrees at EIU in Charleston, while moonlighting at its TV station. He also worked briefly at SIU in Carbondale before coming to WAND about three years ago (?).
J. C. then told of the fun he has forecasting the weather over much of Central Illinois. Of course, he began with the early morning shift when he had to leave home around 3:00 a.m., quite a change from his typical college hours that began around 9:00 a.m. As a trained meteorologist, he utilizes resources from four reputable firms. He noted that from those sources he draws the elaborate maps we see on TV that predict the expected future weather. He said he basically ad-libs his broadcasts. He defended WAND’s policy of offering continuous storm coverage and related several ‘hate-mail’ incidents when the broadcasts interfered with some viewers’ favorite programs such as game shows and soaps.
J.C. answered several questions posed by today’s audience, including his take on climate change – not global warming. He says it is real, but very gradual and not totally caused by humans. He also told us that hair spray and refrigerants cause only a small part of the ozone hole being blamed for climate change. Today our members and guests gave J.C. rousing applause for his weather programs – thanks for educating and entertaining us today, J. C..






January 6 – Board meeting at 6:50 a.m. at Perkin’s


January 9 – Regular meeting at 7:00 a.m. at Scovill Golf Course Banquet Facility


JANUARY 2, 2015

 18 members and seven guest spouses started the new year at Scovill Golf Course as they enjoyed the usual end-of-the-year champagne breakfast, the before and after fellowship, and a fine speaker. President Chuck Shonkwiler had to resort to ringing the gong with his own silverware because the Paul Bunyan-sized gavel that Mike Borders had donated two weeks ago was missing. However, Alex Prather noted that he had ordered a new official Sertoma gavel, so until it arrives we’ll get by with silverware.
Chuck welcomed all the spouses in attendance for their role in improving the looks of today’s meeting as well as thanking them for their continued support of our many club activities. Mike Boliek, reported that board chair, Mick Hoehne, sends all of us a warm New Year’s greeting and a reminder to us of next Tuesday morning’s regular board meeting. Then Mike reported that Mick told him he is entering a trial program for cancer treatment at DMH. We certainly wish him well and send him our greetings as well.






Deputy Larry Fouste was drafted to take sheriff Stu Hawbaker’s place again. Larry collected no fines and then asked our speaker, J. C. Fultz, to pull out a winning badge. He pulled out Duane McCoskey’s badge, so we start off 2015 with a roll-over for the 50/50 prize.







VP Norm Jensen had no report. However, we were reminded that the ‘observed’ President’s Day is February 16, meaning we’ll be holding the midnight Bingo game on either February 14 or 15. Treasurer Alex Prather has third-quarter bills ready for distribution next Friday. Bring your checkbook!




VP Lance Gauble was missing today but if he’d been here he might have suggested that the spouses present today are welcome to join our club.  But as one voice the members joined in the important call, BRING GUESTS.  At next Tuesday’s board meeting we’ll vote on Cary Hise’s membership application.


                      FUTURE PROGRAMS



VP Will Sudduth reported that next Friday Dave Shields is scheduled to bring a program, on January 16, Lance Gauble is on tap, and on January 23, it’s Jim May’s turn.






VP Hugh Rowden also thanked Norm and all who attended the enjoyable party at his and Lori’s home.

************* FDR QUOTE *************


Source: Daily Wisdom for a New Century  (for January 2)


“In the future days, which we seek to secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The first is freedom of speech and expression – everywhere in the world.  The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way - everywhere in the world.  The third is freedom from want - everywhere in the world.  The fourth is freedom from fear - everywhere in the world.





************* WEATHERMAN HUMOR *************


Source: Science for Kids

Who does everyone listen to but never believe? The weatherman.


It only rains twice a year in England: July through March and April through June.


What’s the weather report for Mexico? Chili today and hot tamale.


What’s the opposite of a cold front? A warm back.


What’s a tornado's favorite game? Twister!


Where do meteorologists stop for a drink? The closest isobar.


How did the hurricane see? With its eye.


How did you find the weather at camp?
It was easy. I just went outside, and there it was!


If an orchestra plays in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning? The conductor.


Why did the weather forecaster move to another country? Because the weather didn’t agree with him.

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