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Editor, Paul Rosenberger

Editor: Paul Rosenberger



NOVEMBER 21, 2014

                       Lynn & Dori Cazier

 Mike Boliek introduced our speakers, Lynn & Dori Cazier, Missionaries from First Christian Church who have worked 12 years with the Indianapolis-based Christian Ministries Fellowship (CMF) an organization operating in 16 countries. From their website, , “The members of CMF’s Kenya Catalyst team (KCAT) work in partnership with Community Christian Church (CCC), the indigenous church planted and discipled by CMF missionaries among the Turkana and Maasai since 1977. CCC now numbers more than 10,000 believers in more than 160 congregations spread over seven counties across Kenya. These believers come from the semi-arid scrub of rural Turkana, the small towns on the Maasai plains, and the dense shanties of Kibera, Kenya’s largest urban slum. All are from disadvantaged backgrounds.” Lynn immediately showed on a map of Africa how far Kenya was from the NW Africa region where the ebola disease is prevalent.
Lynn & Dori took turns explaining some power-point pictures of the area, buildings and Maasai people who are involved with the mission located about 50 km from the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. They added some interesting trivia about the sky with stars of the Southern Cross, the 12-hour daylight winter and summer, and the brief ten-minute dawn and dusk periods. Lynn also mentioned the difficulty of controlling poaching of the black rhinos because a single horn brings up to $500,000 in China whereas the penalty for killing a rhino is only $350.
They told of the rise in the middle-class, their use of cell-phones, laptops (think Internet café’s) and even a few cars & trucks. But labor is still cheap, with laborers being paid about $8 a week and managers $28 a week. The people are beginning to raise chickens for eggs and meat. They said their church leaders are increasingly well educated; they speak both English and Maasai.
Dori works with the Maasai women and told a story of four barren women who all became pregnant within a year following a massive prayer service; the women may have had to endure a form of divorce if they had not conceived. Lynn helps the men learn to use computer programs to record the cost of constructing churches and medical facilities. They both act as hosts to interns from around the world and noted that several groups from Decatur have visited the area. They also have returned to the U.S on furloughs of various lengths as their three daughters have attended Kenyan high schools and U.S. colleges. Two are now married and the youngest is in college here.
Lynn said their goal is to help the people to handle and increase their finances, to sponsor children and to guide the relationship between CMF & CCC. Thanks to both Lynn & Dori for sharing this story today.





November 25 – Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Decatur Civic Center at 11:30 a.m.
November 28 –
Social meeting at 7:00 a.m. at Downtown Café – spouses invited.
November 29 –
Salvation Army Kettle bell–ringing at Sam’s & Walmart 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
December 2 –
Board meeting at 6:50 a.m. at Perkin’s
December 5 –
Regular meeting at 7:00 a.m. at Scovill Golf Course Banquet Facility
December 6 -
Salvation Army Kettle bell–ringing at Walmart at 10 & 2
December 13 –
Christmas Party at Lance & Becky Gauble’s at 6:45 p.m.




VP Hugh Rowden reported that our exciting Christmas party with the white elephant gift exchange will be at the home of Becky and Lance Gauble on Saturday evening, December 13. Gather at 6:45 p.m. and bring a dessert or some hors de’ouvres. SAVE THE DATE.

NOVEMBER 21, 2014


 17 members and three guests including: Alice Boliek, Mike’s spouse, and John & Donna Washburn, (Donna is guest speaker Dori Cazier’s sister), enjoyed the usual tasty breakfast and the interesting presentation by Lynn and Dori Cazier. President Chuck Shonkwiler chaired the meeting, using a gavel from Kenya, a hardened tree root and burl. Perhaps we need to purchase a new gavel – Chuck had searched the storage room.







Sheriff Stu Hawbaker was hunting for Bambi so deputy Steve Wentworth asked a very tough trivia question, “What stress-reducing herb grown in the South Pacific islands has been banned in several EU countries and restricted in others?” Nobody knew the answer: Kava. Our speaker, Lynn Cazier, drew out Steve Hager’s badge for a nice 50/50 prize.








VP Norm Jensen re-circulated some sign-up sheets for our annual Salvation Army Kettle bell ringing at Sam’s and North Walmart – see list below – call Norm at 412-2770 to fill a slot. Dick Vissering distributed tickets for the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday, November 25 - treasurer Alex Prather will bill us in January. Apparently we’ll have no Sertoma Blend Marquis Coffee project this December – maybe in the spring.

Saturday, Nov. 29 at Wal-Mart North (food door) Saturday, Nov. 29 at Sam’s Club
8-10 - Tom Smith & Larry Fouste 8-10 - Steve Hager & __________
10-12 - _________ & _________ 10-12 - Alex Prather & __________
12-2 - Hugh Rowden & Lance Gauble 12-2 - __________ & ___________
2-4 - ________ & __________ 2-4 - __________ & ___________

Saturday, Dec. 6 at Wal-Mart North (food door)
10-12 - Dick Vissering & Bruce Logan
2-4 - Mike Boliek & __________

(Note: one person can handle the kettle – two are preferred.)





VP Lance Gauble was pleased to welcome John and Donna Washburn. Bring guests








VP Will Sudduth reported that next Friday, those who wish to get an early start on their ‘Black’ Friday shopping, may meet at the Downtown Cafe to get energized for door-buster shopping. All spouses and guests are welcome to attend. On December 5 – Will Sudduth has invited our recently-resigned member, Jim Watson, to give a historical story about a Native American tribe. On December 12 Mark Kennedy will invite a speaker and on December 19 Larry Fouste has invited the city manager, Ryan McGrady, to come as a representative from the Salvation Army to accept our matching gift. Maybe he’ll speak about his new job, too.







 ************* THANKSGIVING *************



Another day to give thanks has almost arrived. We Sertomans know how blessed we are to be able to donate to so many worthy causes and to help other organizations and individuals. So when we gather around a heavily loaded table of food, let’s say a silent prayer for the millions of hungry people around the world who do not have this kind of opportunity.

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