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of Wealth Presentation
Transfer of Wealth in Illinois Report



     A group of nonprofit organizations and professional firms in Decatur
and Macon County, Illinois working together to encourage people from all
walks of life to give a gift to charity in their wills or estate plans. 




     Decatur Transfer House We conduct an annual Do Something Great awareness

campaign through public relations projects,  billboards, radio ads and interviews, and  newspaper ads.


      Sixty local firms and organizations are active participants.  For membership information write to PO Box 1242, Decatur, IL, 62525, or contact:

The Community Foundation
in Decatur, Illinois at (217) 429-3000, lmurphy@endowdecatur.org 


For a list of participants, click  Partners or the button at the top.







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The "Decatur Legacy" program of Decatur, Illinois
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