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First Call for Help

Our Goal:
First Call for Help offers access
to information and service to
people in need. With a
computerized database of
Decatur/Macon County
programs and agencies, a
simple phone call can link
people to needed services
Our Mission:
To effectively and efficiently
gather and disseminate
information regarding services
and opportunities in the
Decatur/Macon County area that
enhance quality of life and
promote community

You Might Be Wondering...

What does First Call for Help do?

When you call us, we search through our database of local organizations and programs. We’ll eliminate the confusion and frustration of calling all over town-we want to be the next-to-last call you have to make to solve your problem, or begin solving it.

        What if I don’t know if you can help me?

 Call us anyway. We receive questions on many different topics and concerns. If we are unsure where you can get help, we’ll do some research and call you back.

         How much does it cost?

 Nothing. First Call for Help is always free to everyone.

         What about confidentiality?

 First Call for Help is a confidential service.

         Who is First Call for Help funded by?

First Call for Help is a United Way service sponsored by the Decatur Community Partnership, HSAC, the Macon County Health Department, and Macon County Mental Health Board.  

          Can I volunteer?

 Yes! First Call for Help is always looking for people to volunteer their time. Just call 475-2255 if interested.



Phone Number: (217) 475-CALL (475-2255)

E-Mail:   info@firstcalldecatur.org

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