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HSAC Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How does HSAC work? 

A. By representatives of member agencies with offices in Macon County gathering for lunch on the first Thursday of most months to hear programs on subjects pertinent to the diverse interests of multiple agencies, to network, to share announcements, and to conduct minimal business.  These meetings are open to the public. Information from and important to member agencies is disseminated via email.

Q. How is HSAC organized?

A. The member representatives annually elect officers who then appoint committee chairs.  A board consisting of the officers, committee chairs and division chairs meets monthly and organizes an annual awards luncheon and approves budget items. Committees

Q. What are the HSAC committees?

A. Documents, Grants, Membership/Public Relations, Nominating, Professional Development, Program, and Recognition.  Committee chairs select their members and meet as appropriate.  Committees

Q. What are divisions?

A. Sub-groups of member agencies’ representatives that focus on specific areas of need and issues, such as: Disability, Seniors, Youth & Family, and Volunteers.  Division projects have included Educational Workshops, Wheelchair Obstacle Course, Children’s Museum Body Walk, Teddy Bear Dental Care, Disability Resource List, and others.  Divisions select their own leaders, agenda, projects, and meeting times and places. 

Q. How is HSAC funded?

A. Most member agencies pay annual dues based upon their annual expense total with a maximum amount of $325.00  Divisions may raise additional funds for their use on related projects.

Q. How do agencies join HSAC?

A. By completing the membership application contained in our brochure and sending it with a check for dues to HSAC, P. O. Box 1542, Decatur, IL  62525-1542. Please call Macy Barnett at (217) 422-8537 for further information.

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