Wayne and Leslie Kent


Mission Programs of their Church

Reverend Kent has been the pastor at First Christian Church for the last 21 years. He also has a radio program called “Direct Line” on Wednesday evenings from 5 -7 on WSOY. Before coming to Decatur he and Leslie served a church in Oklahoma for 8-9 years. Before that they were traveling musicians.

In late 1979 Wayne was playing with a Christian rock band that was touring Europe and the band played in a prison. The prisoners were Nazis that held minor positions during World War II and had been sentenced to life in prison. It was not a happy experience for him and he never did another one for a good many years. It was around this time that he met and married Leslie. They moved to Decatur in 1994.

Leslie got a call from a member of Prison Fellowship wanting her to sing with the group when they visited prisons. Prison Fellowship was founded by Chuck Colson who had been imprisoned for his part in the Watergate scandal. When he was released he founded the organization to help prisoners worldwide. Since then Leslie has sung in prisons all over the United States.

Leslie then finished the presentation with a mixture of personal testimonies, humor, and song. God has truly
 called her for this work. She is a dynamic speaker with a golden voice.
 Leslie tells us that there are 2.3 million people in prisons today. 95% will be released. 65% will reoffend. The United States has less than 5% of the people in the world, but 25% of the prisoners. She told us of her personal vision when she realized prisoners were people.
 She talked of rehabilitation and transformation. Many, many prisoners are transformed when they come to know the Lord. She told of her experience singing with prisoners on death row.
 She closed with a song that began, “How can I say thanks……”








Today we had 86 members, 1 guest, & 2 speaker for a total of 89.






Joe Rayhill reported that Jim Fletcher is doing better, walking some and being transferred to Hickory Point Christian Village tomorrow.

Gary Goeken was visiting Dick Ferry in HPCV and came across Larry Bechtel. Larry had a bad reaction to insulin and wound up unconscious on the floor of his Florida residence. Fellow GK member Gerry Hunt found him after 6 hours and called 911. Larry is getting back to normal and anxious to get back to his Decatur residence. He probably will not be returning to Florida this year.




50-50 - WINNER

First place winner was Duane Boriff  and second place went to Dean Evans. Congratulations, folks.


 New Member Induction


Bill and Dan did a good job inducting David Johnson and Robert Lewis into the Golden K this morning. David was sponsored by Don Kamm and Robert was sponsored by Howard Dausman. Congratulations, and Welcome to you both.






Virg Deemer has a big “Heads Up” for us. He will be the speaker at our meeting February 11. His topic will be the Honor Flight programs the takes veterans for a one-day visit to Washington D.C. Virg will tell us about his trip and encourages us to find veterans that you can invite that day.

Joe Rayhill speaking for his cruising brother Steve said, “Remind them that Books for Kids signup sheets will be out next week and how much fun it is to read to these kids”.

Leon Langhauser gave us a heads up for a volunteer opportunity. February 20 and 21 we will be helping the Project Linus ladies make blankets for small children. It involves setting up and tearing down the sewing room.

Dan said that dues are due this month.

Dan read a thank you letter from Rene Stivers the lady in charge of the recent Eighth Grade Career Fair.



 Bill Hogg

David Johnson was a guest of Don Kamm and is joining the club! Robert Lewis was a returning guest of Harold Dausman and is joining also! Welcome to you both.




Just a reminder to tell you that the volunteer hours report sheets are on the tables. Next week Steve Rayhill will be back and have the signup sheets for the “Books for Kids Project. Other opportunities to volunteer coming up are Project Linus, Adopt a Street, Golf Outing, and Kiwanis OneDay.




 Little Mary is at her first wedding and carefully observed the entire ceremony. When it’s over, she asks her mother, ‘Why did the lady change her mind?’

‘What do you mean?’ asks mother.

‘Well,’ replies Mary. ‘She went down the aisle with one man and came back with another.’

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