Roy Schilling Memorial

by Jphn McClarey

Roy was born June 12, 1914 and passed away February 18, 2014.  He joined the Golden K in i996.  John and Roy were good friends and John related several memories.  He said that Roy was a schoolboy every day.  His life was being a schoolboy and educator.  Roy loved his Alma Mater, Illinois State University, and once arbitrarily doubled John’s alumni pledge.  John’s father had a word he used to describe a “person of excellence” that John used for Roy.  He said Roy was a Humdinger.







Dave Mehling

 Avenue of Flags

    Dave is an Advanced Planning Manager for Graceland-Fairlawn Funeral Homes. He has been at Graceland-Fairlawn for two years and has twenty two years in the funeral business. He came to tell us about a project G-R has to honor veterans and answer questions about preplanning funerals.


   The Avenue of Flags is a project to honor veterans and give survivors an opportunity to see their veteran’s flag flying and pay honor to it once a year. It started 40 years ago in Broken Arrow Cemetery in Arkansas when a widow asked if they would fly her husband’s flag one Memorial Day. They did and this year will fly 3,300 flags there. Graceland-Fairlawn thought this would be a good way to honor the veterans and started it last year. Last year they had 24 flags.

   On Friday before Memorial Day the flags are taken out of storage, attached to individual flag poles and flown all weekend. The poles are set in a circle around the Veterans Area of the cemetery. There is a ceremony on Memorial Day.

   You donate the flag to the funeral home and pay a one-time fee of $75.00 for the materials for the flag poles and identifying your flag. This year, for Kiwanis members only, Graceland-Fairlawn will forgo the $75.00 fee.

   Dave answered several questions involving handling the final affairs of family members who have died. It soon became evident that people have lots of questions and you don’t want others to make those under duress. Preplanning avoids problems and saves someone money because funeral expenses go up $1,000 every five years.



Today we had 89 members, 4 Kiwanis guest, and 1 speaker for a total of 94.


50/50 winner

First place winner was JOHN GRAHAM  and second place went to JOE RAYHILL.  Congratulations, Folks.



Kiwanis One Day Saturday was a fantastic success. We raked litter, put down mulch, washed tables, and picked up 3 pickup trucks of twigs and branches. We had a good lunch and went home happy.

Thursday, May 15 is the day we plant the flower boxes down town. Bring gloves, rakes, and trowels and do ground work for beautifying downtown Decatur this summer. We will meet at 9:00am in the Library parking lot.




Bob Fallstrom’s doctor has limited him to 3 hours work a day. He may be back the first part of April when his doctor goes on vacation.

Clark Flickinger was exhausted after being here last week. He said he slept all day Thursday. Recovery will be a long rocky road for him.

Don Gepford is back with us today.

Please take care, and stay healthy.   Keith


Joy Greive said that they were getting some telephone calls out as the time gets nearer.  They have sent letters to some school teachers that are still busy teaching. She thanked everybody again.  Remember April 30th and if you think of any more names to invite let her know.


Don Lekrone said that we had a new street to pick up and it is flat.  We will be picking up Oakland Street from Pershing Road to Harrison Street.  We will meet at the old Talman Automobile parking lot at 9:00am, Saturday, April 12.  Don will have coffee, donuts, and an explanation of how the railroad underpass at McKinley is flat.  There is a signup sheet on the back table.


Al Hendricks said that Rock Springs Festival of Spring is coming up April 26.  He still has one traffic director slot open on the 1:00pm to 4:00pm shift.


Mike Longstreet said the governance of Greenwood Cemetery has changed and the Greenwood Cemetery Project will not be starting up April 15th at 2:00pm.  They are hoping for the first week in May.  They could use some more members.  It is informative and fun.  See him if you would like to help.


Jack Kenny, on behalf of the Decatur Park District, thanked the Golden K for all the work performed at Kiwanis Park during Kiwanis One Day.


Charles reminded us that the bowls on the table were for the Skip-A-Meal program.

Charles announced that the April Board meeting would be Tuesday, April 15 at the DISC.



Dan White

Toppy Mooday, Betty Leonard, Marge Conn, and Tim Hoel from the Tuscola club were here for an Interclub this morning. Welcome, Fellow Kiwanians!


                                   NEW MEMBER

Dan White, with help from Charles Smith, did a good job inducting Mike Wortman into the Golden K Kiwanis this morning. Mike was sponsored by Steve Rayhill and sounds like he will be a great addition to the club.  Welcome, Mike.



Male and female drivers are involved in a horrific collision.  Amazingly, both escape unhurt, though both cars are a total wreck. 


As they crawl from the wreckage, the man sees the woman is blonde and beautiful.  She turns to him and gushes breathily—we shouldn’t have survived.  Maybe we were meant to come together.  Sensing he could be on to a good thing he stammers—oh yes I agree completely.


And look—she continues—even though my car was destroyed this bottle of wine is intact—it’s another sign—let’s drink to our serendipity.

Well okay—says the man.

She offers him the bottle, he downs half and hands it back—your turn—he says.

No thanks—says the woman—I think I’ll just wait for the police.

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