This morning Vice President Dan White opened the meeting with a sad announcement.  George Hogg and his son Bill were at the side of George’s youngest daughter who was expected to pass away within a few hours.  Dan asked us to pray for her and the Hogg family.  We then observed a moment of silence. 


Dr. Craig White




Football/Soccer Field Update


   Athletics! Did someone say athletics? Dr. Craig White is all about athletics. He has participated throughout his youth culminating in two years as a wide receiver in the NFL. He has studied athletics all over culminating in a Doctor’s Degree from the University of Kansas. He has worked at various positions in sports at several schools all over the country for the last 20 years. And now he is the Director of Athletics and Recreation at Millikin University.

  For the last 20 years Millikin’s Athletic Programs have fallen behind the rest of the schools in the CCIW for one reason or the other. Dr White is building a new foundation for sports. Sports affect Millikin day to day. Recruiting more players means more students. It greatly improves donor participation when it comes to raising money. He is talking about student athletes that will study and graduate.

  The physical plant has fallen behind also. Millikin was the only school in the CCIW that did not have turf on the football field. That is being changed today with rebuilding the field, adding lights and a $200,000 scoreboard complete with instant replay features. They need some things that will draw “WOWS” from the fans. Griswold is in need of renovation and will be next. It needs more locker rooms and lockers.

  He is happy with the coaches he has hired. He tells them to make a plan and then work the plan. Recruit!

  Soccer will use the new football field. Baseball and softball are moving to the campus. He would like to build up participation in track. In track, quantity is quality.

  The first football game under the lights is December 27. Soccer starts September 6. Come on out!



Today we had 90 members, 2 Kiwanis guests and 1 speaker for a total of 93.



50/50 winner

First place winner was Rick Barnett and second place went to Larry Bechtel. Congratulations, folks.




Bob Webb is feeling better, but can no longer drive. He will have to drop out of Golden K unless he can find someone to give him ride from Blue Mound. Can anyone help here?

Stan Peck is doing okay, and would welcome visitors at Imboden Creek.

Les Allan is home and doing better. He would welcome visitors also.

Clark Flickinger is at home, but is not doing well in his battle against cancer.


Please take care, and stay healthy.   Keith.



None this week.





Dan white

Rick Barnett and Ned Hawbaker from the Early Birds were here for an Interclub. Rick assured us that the cheese would not be here for several months. He then won the 50/50 and donated it to the Scholarship Fund. Welcome, Fellows!





Nothing this week



Don Meyer said that we were invited to a special reception honoring Bob and Betty Brilley (Senior) and the Brilley family for their many years of service to the Decatur Senior Center. It will be at the Senior Center, Friday, July 18 from 5:00 to 7:00pm. The Center is located at 1430 N. 22nd Street. Please RSVP at 429-1239

Sharon Cunningham said that the Interclub this month would be with the Taylorville club Tuesday, July 29. They meet at noon in the Auditorium at Taylorville Memorial Hospital. The meal costs $7.50. We will meet in the Farm & Fleet parking lot at 11:00am. There is a sign-up sheet on the back table. Please RSVP by July 23.

Joe Rayhill said that the club received $100.00 from the hoedown at the Texas Roadhouse last Thursday. If fact, they invited us to do it again and again. If you can think or prefer another night besides Thursday let Joe know.

Jack Kenny lost a volunteer when Elmer Kostenski fell so now he needs two volunteers to fill his roster of van drivers for the annual Tennis Tournament July 24 through the 31st.. If you can drive from 9:30 to 11:30 or 3:30 to 6:30 on Saturday, July 26, Jack would like to hear from you.

Dave Geibel said that they had collected $8,000 so far this month for the Scholarship Fund. There two Wednesdays left and if you make a donation then he or Mike Longstreet will sign your receipt with a Cross silver or gold pen.

Joe Rayhill said that the club received $100.00 from the hoedown at the Texas Roadhouse last Thursday. If fact, they invited us to do it again and again. If you can think or prefer another night besides Thursday let Joe know.

Dan honored the volunteers that worked at the Rodney Miller Triathlon July 12-13 by asking them to stand.

Dan also said that the next Board meeting had been postponed until 1:00pm on July 21 at the DISC.



A fellow was getting ready to tee off by himself on the first hole when a tall, stately, grey haired gentleman approached and asked if he could join him. The first man said that he usually played alone, but agreed to the twosome. They were even after the first two holes. The tall, stately gentleman said, ‘We are about evenly matched, how about playing for five bucks a hole?’

The first fellow said he was a pretty good player, and that he wasn’t much for betting, but agreed to the terms, thinking we’re pretty even so far, so why not? The stately gentleman played ‘straight & true’ golf the rest of the round and won the remaining sixteen holes with ease.

As they were walking off the 18th green, and while counting his $80, the tall, stately golfer confessed that he was the teaching pro at a neighboring course and liked to pick on suckers. The first fellow revealed that he was the parish priest. The pro got all flustered and apologetic, offering to return the money.

The priest said, ‘You won fair and square and I was foolish to bet with you. You keep your winnings.’ The pro said, ‘Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?’

The priest said, ‘Well, you could come to Mass on Sunday and make a donation. And, if you want to bring your mother and father along, I’ll marry them.’


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