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Condition of School Finances



  Dr. Covault is the Chief Financial Officer of Decatur School District 61 since 2011. He received his doctorate from the University of Kansas. His wife is a doctor at St. Mary’s and they have a daughter that works with school finances as well. Dr. Covault says the main message that he wants to give us is “that it is unfair to use property taxes to fund schools”.

  He brought General State Aid Entitlement sheets for 3 school districts in Illinois. They were from Decatur, East St. Louis, and Barrington as examples of communities with property values of poor, poorer and rich. Editor’s note: I thought I had a handle on them as he went through them, but now I am not so sure.

  The total income from all sources is determined. The State requires that $6,119.00 per student be available. When it isn’t the State has to make up the difference. But the State is broke and cannot pay for all of it. So a complicated formula is applied and the state will pay for 89% of what they owe. Somehow when the proration is done E. St. Louis loses 5.44 million, Decatur loses 4.72 million and Barrington loses $342,512.01

  The lower the property values, the higher the amount the state has to pay. Barrington, with the same amount of students as Decatur and property values four times Decatur’s exceeds the requirement and does not need money from the State. Not only do they get to keep the overage, but each student gets $200.00 from a Foundation Grant from the State. Barrington can afford the best facilities, teachers, etc.

  Dr. Covault says “on a fairness basis property taxes are not the way to go. Where the child lives shouldn’t drive the education the child receives.”



Today we had 98 members and 1 speaker for a total of 99.



50/50 winner

First place winner was Gary Sickbert and second place went to Larry Wade.  Congratulations, folks.




Gary Goeken had two stents put in. One was for 99% blockage and the other was for 95%. He is feeling better but had another commitment today.

Clark Flickinger is home and improved somewhat, but we need to keep him in our minds and prayers.

Please take care, and stay healthy.   Keith.

 New Member Induction

Once again Dan, with a little (but Important) help from Charles Smith, has done a great job inducting Bruce Grohne into the Golden K.  Congratulations and welcome Bruce! And thank you, sponsor Jerry Groves.








Dan white

None this week.






Susan reminded us that school was starting next week and we would be resuming our BackPack program with First Presbyterian Church and Muffley School. This year we will be filling 12 backpacks for needy chldren with snacks to help sustain them over the weekends. We collect for the backpacks on the third Wednesdays. There are some cards on the tables listing examples of acceptable things to put in the backpacks. For more information we have a display on the back table.





Helen Coccoran reported 97th Annual I-I District Convention, August 8-9, 2014, Bloomington, IL
Attending were:
Charles Smith, Cheryl Boss, and myself as delegates, also attending were Donna Cleland and Sue Betzer. There were 225 delegates registered, representing 95 clubs.
On Friday evening Golden K was given the Distinguished Club Award for the 2012-13 year.
Saturday during the District Business meeting we elected the following: Jim Dooley, of the Peoria Kiwanis Club, Governor for the 2014-15 year; and Penny Linneweh, of the Glen Ellyn Kiwanis Club, Governor Elect.

Saturday’s Luncheon was the Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation Luncheon. We heard from Dr. Rodger Elble of the SIU School of Medicine, on the research progress he and his staff are making on tremors with deep brain stimulation. He brought a gentleman who had Parkinson’s disease and was shaking very badly. At age 52, he had to quit his job and was destined for the nursing home when he received the treatment. At the meeting, he told us he is now living alone. Charles presented them with a check for $2500.00 for spastic research.

Helen also presented
Susan Rayhill with a pin for being an outstanding secretary and instrumental in the Golden K being named a Distinguished Club. The Selection Committee realizes the importance of secretaries and the letters that go out to Distinguished Clubs are addressed to the president AND the secretary of the clubs.

Helen also announced that the Golden K had wangled a day that we alone would be responsible for serving the meal at the Good Samaritan Inn. For the next year that day will be the fourth Monday of the month. There will be signup sheets on the back table at our meetings. Volunteer time is from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Donna Cleland said that pictures of new members will be taken August 20. If you would like a new photo of yourself, you can get it that day. For the best pictures be there before 8:30am next Wednesday morning.

Donna, speaking for Sharon Cunningham, said that the next Interclub would be Wednesday, August 27 with the downtown Springfield club. The meal is $13.00. We will leave from here immediately our meeting.

Donna also said that there is a signup sheet on the back table for volunteering to help with a Special Olympics Bowling event. They need help from 8:00am to 4:00pm August 23 at the Spare Times Lanes. If you cannot work all day, sign up for something shorter. You will be serving food and helping special children and adults bowl.

Joy Greive said she had put some sheets on the table for us to fill out with names of prospective members to invite to the membership event. It will start at 8:30am, Wednesday September 17. Be sure and sign your name and give the phone number of your prospect if you have it. We are having a special volunteer for a speaker that day.
Joy also invited any of us who wanted to eat at early bird time and make a corral to give her your name and she would make the reservation.

Joe Rayhill said we were having another hoedown at the Texas Roadhouse Thursday, August 14. Lots of flyers on the back or you can print them off the internet courtesy of Virg Deemer. See you there.

Charles said there would be some opportunities to get rid of unwanted paint. You can do it from 1:30pm to 5:30pm, at 1750 North 21st street. The dates are 8/13, 8/27, 9/10, 9/24, and 10/15.

by John Dunn


Here is Bob Fallstrom in this morning’s Herald & Review reflecting on the importance of laughter on longevity.
“I have the pleasure of beginning each day with laughter. The breakfast repartee at the Perkins restaurant Compost Table with the retired legislator and the retired chiropractor is a giggle, especially when waitresses Chris and Dorie become involved. Where else can you hear Edgar Allan Poe poetry? I come to work relaxed and refreshed.”

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