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The first Kiwanis Club in Decatur was chartered in 1920. It was called "The Kiwanis Club of Decatur". At the time there were 265 clubs with 28,500 members in all of Kiwanis.

A second Kiwanis Club was chartered here in Decatur in 1975. It was called the "Early Birds Kiwanis Club". It like Golden K is a breakfast club and was set up to accommodate those business people for whom an early hour was more convenient (and for chronic insomniacs).

  That same year, 1975, the first ever Kiwanis club meant to accommodate "older members" was formed in Greenville, NC. The members chose the name "Golden K Kiwanis Club", Kiwanis International agreed to the name, a charter was granted and the Golden K movement was on its way.

  It wasn't without some resistance that Golden K got started. Many of the clubs saw this movement as a threat to their membership levels and to their ability to recruit older men into their clubs. In late 1980 an ad hoc committee was set up here in Decatur between what we now call the” Noon Club” and the Early Birds to set up a Golden K Club here. Needless to say there was not unanimous agreement that this was a good idea. The first official meeting of the club was held in June of 1981 at the former Dinner Belle in what was then Fairview Plaza (now Fairview Park Plaza).



 After that weekly meetings were held at that same venue.  At that first meeting officers were elected and a rough meeting procedure was established. By late August we had over 40 members, more than enough to apply for a charter.  A charter was granted and on September 10, 1981 the charter was presented to Fred Bockmann, First President at a ceremonial dinner held in the Richards Treat Center on the Millikin University campus.  After the charter night celebration the club began its now 27 year life. It grew rather slowly at first compared to the explosive growth we were to experience in the not too distant future.

By the end of year, in 1984, membership had reached 150 or more and vigorous growth continued. In September of 1985, membership reached 200 making us the biggest Golden K club In Kiwanis and the 8th largest club in all of Kiwanis.  Membership continued to grow, we reached our peak of over 280 members. Beginning in the mid 90's though membership began to decline, slowly at first but then gradually faster for a number of reasons. 

But in spite of declining membership, Golden K is still vibrant and active as ever in its service activities and we have some talented vigorous and active "youngsters" carrying on the Golden K


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