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Susan Rayhill











Mary Marshall

The Majority of Mary’s volunteering falls under the category of helping others. She takes people to doctor appointments, runs errands, and does any other thing that needs doing for others. Congratulations, Mary!




Charles Wallace

He has his Bicycle Give Away Program and spends a lot of his time helping his church. Congratulations, Charles!



                           Donna Dash

Donna volunteers without hesitation. Mufflry weekend Backpack Project, caring for animals at Homewrd Bound, Driving  Golf Carts, Planting flowers, cleaning parks and roadsides, volunteering for various events at MHS, and unofficial co-chair of the Maury Doane Golf Outing for Golden K. Congratulations, Donna!


2000 Hour
Service Awards

Our members volunteer over 2,300 hours per month to a broad range of agencies in our community. One member has over 1100 volunteer hours this year alone. Nine other members volunteer over 400 hours per year and at least 30 volunteer over 200 hours per year. They volunteer at churches, the Salvation Army, Decatur Memorial Hospital, St Mary's Hospital, Meals on Wheels, Baby Love, Easter Seals and many others. Since volunteering and improving our community is one of the foundations of Kiwanis we felt it was appropriate to recognize our members who are outstanding volunteers.

Our club recognizes members who have volunteered at least 2,000 hours of their time to the community since 1995. They are presented a plaque in recognition of their service and their name is also put on a club plaque with other members who have volunteered at least 2,000 hours. After they reach 4,000 hours they are recognized again and the information on the plaque is updated to reflect the 4,000 hour accomplishment. This recognition plan was the brain child of member Wen Henby and was initiated in 1998. We now have 36 members with over 144,869 volunteer hours who have qualified for the plaque.

The members pictured below have all reached
the 2,000 hour level. All figures are as of
January 2012

(Click on the plaque)


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